5 Makeup Tips for the Gym

Sure, you’re going to the gym, but who says you can’t look cute while you are there? Make up is something that enhances and makes us feel good. The gym serves the same purpose, so why not combine the two? When I head to workout, I like to rock what I call a Gym Beat: minimal makeup. The basics don’t get in the way and since you’re staring in the mirror half the time while you exercise, why not look the way you want to help you feel the way you want? Here’s a gym beat makeup tip list to keep in mind.

1. Less is More

Step away from the concealer and highlight lol. When you head to the gym to work up a sweat, pair down your makeup. Gym time is prime time for a primer tho! Use it before you apply anything to help the formula stick to your skin. Liquid foundation is out. Sorry, not sorry! All you are going to do is sweat it off lol. Stick to powders instead. Concealer? Yes. Contour? No. You get the idea. Oh and that mascara better be waterproof!

2. Blush your beat.

Blush adds a cute touch for that sexy flush. If you have ever watched a makeup tutorial on YouTube, you know that once you have touched up your skin, you can look pasty and flat. Blush helps add the color and vibrancy back to your face. Add a small touch of blush to your gym beat. This kind of makeup can make it through a workout. Blush won’t bat an eye at sweat.

3. Set it, don’t sweat it.

If you don’t normally include this, it may seem a little extra, but it is worth it! A make up setting spray can work wonders for your look. It truly helps your makeup to stay in place and last longer. Spray onto your face before you head to the gym. You will find that even after a super sweaty workout, your gym beat will not have missed a step. You’re welcome!

4. Blot, blot blot.

Whatever you do, do not wipe your sweat in a sweeping motion. You have to remember that even though you have a light layer of makeup on, you still have makeup on lol! The key to maintaining it during a sweaty workout is to blot rather than wipe. Blot your sweat and you will help your make up to stay in place. Wiping it will cause you to wipe out your look altogether. Keep it cute!

5. Tinted chapstick

You wouldn’t think it, but a sexy, natural pout can come with you to train. Choose a chapstick tint that compliments your own natural lip color. Go for shades that are the same or a hint lighter than your lips. Bring it with you to reapply post gym too. Lightly tinted lips and softly blushed cheeks are the key to nailing this gym pretty look.

What are some of your go-to gym beauty products? Share the wealth and let me know!