7 Tips for the Perfect Gym Selfie

The best way to capture the essence of an amazing workout? Take the perfect pic of that pump! At this point, it’s pretty safe to say Jungle Jane is the gym selfie queen! She’s got a PhD in photo angles and she’s a certified pic posing pro! So there’s no better place to get the basics down for your upcoming locker room photoshoot, but here. Get ready for that close-up!

1. Take your pic AFTER your workout.

It is best to take your pictures AFTER your workout. Yeah, you look fresh and cute before you exercise, but wait until you’re done working out. Why? Because you want that blood to still be pumping, making all of your muscles pop and look even more pronounced. Everything will stand out better and stand at attention when you snap your pictures post-pump. Trust.

2. Embrace your SWEAT.

You’re going to make a face after reading this but, ima say it anyway lol: Use sweat to your advantage. Yes, this may sound gross, but sweat adds a sexy wet filter to your pics. Think about celebrity or supermodel pics with wet slicked hair or wet skin. They glisten! Sweat during your workout so you can glow in your photos.

3. Get the duck lip. truth

Keep your face relaxed and natural. Whatever you do, avoid the duck lip face. It never reads naturally cute, always contrived. Smile with your mouth of course, but don’t forget to also smile with your eyes. It’s a small detail that can make a big difference. Tyra was right cause the “smeyes” is real.

4. Get smart with that smart- phone.

Try to hold your phone away from your body. Stretch your arm out so you can showcase your shape. Keep your phone on level with you too. Whether you wanna capture a full body shot or just your torso, hold your phone straight so you look proportional. Too low and you risk the dreaded double chin. Too high and you look like a tourist snapping the locker room scenery.

5. Don’t get pissed, get patient.

Like the saying goes, patience is a true virtue. Don’t be discouraged if the first pic or two isn’t what you want. But before you delete them, look at them to see what didn’t work. Take mental note on what you didn’t like about them. Then take 3 more. Do the same pose for those shots, then try another. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

6. Swag: Don’t leave home w/o it.

Don’t be timid or shy to take your picture. People in the gym might look at you, but who cares! The gym is for SELF-care. Don’t be concerned with the judgy-wudgy stares of others. The only way your photos are going to come out right is if you feel fabulous taking them. Celebrate you and the hard work you just put in. But if it makes you feel better, wait until you’re alone.

7. Breathe in, and breathe out.

Don’t forget to exhale on the photo snap. Let the camera capture you at your most snatched, so your figure is enhanced and your waistline more defined. Take a deep breath in before while you hold your pose and once you breath out, take your picture.

Now get to snappin’!

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