80s Jams Gym Playlist

One of the worse things that can happen when you hit the gym floor? It’s the moment you realize you’re sick and tired of your music. You get used to the same songs and they don’t hype you up like they used to. This is when it’s time to give those tracks a much-needed break and throw on some throwbacks! Get 5+ hours of bangin’ 80’s music from ya girl!

If you’re eclectic like me, you can find a song to love from any genre, any decade. Let’s take it back to the 80’s! This playlist is jam-packed with nothing but jams! Upbeat, up-tempo songs to motivate you and boost your mood. Let the music help you get your mojo back with some 80s throwbacks!

If you like my Gym Jams, let me know @_jungle_jane_.

And if there’s a song you think that needs adding, let me me know, and if I co-sign (lol), I’ll add it in. Happy listening, happy training!