90’s Jams Gym Playlist

One of the 10 Gym Commandments? Never forget your headphones! The second commandment is to always have a pre-existing playlist of nonstop bangers! A playlist that delivers, track after track, leaving you only one job for the next 45 minutes: to obliterate your workout.

It doesn’t matter what type of music you are into. You could listen to throwbacks, pop, even slow jams. The genre doesn’t matter. The key to making a playlist become your go-to is the pacing. This is why you have to plan your playlist in advance.

When you think about your workout, immediately begin to see what areas will need the fastest piece of music, versus music you will need to stretch, plank, squat, etc. You also need songs that help you so much that they are perfect for playing during the most intense part of your training session. Music has the power to move us all, so use it to your advantage and get it to motivate you when you need it the most.

I hope you enjoy the playlist I have compiled. Check the lineup out and let me know your thoughts below. And If you think there is any track that I have missed, list it and if I co-sign (lol), I’ll definitely add it. You’ve got over 6 hours to train to! Happy listening! Sweat and enjoy!