"It's always great to read about someone else's fitness journey. You can learn from their mistakes, and avoid doing the same thing. Good, hard, fast advice from a gym enthusiast who was paying attention."




Want to grow your glutes? Fill out your jeans? Completely body a body-con dress? Get your glutes into gear with Instagram Fit Girl Jungle Jane. The quest for the perfect peach has women willing to try practically anything to achieve a bigger butt. From social media squat challenges to booty lifting shorts, it’s time to say goodbye to the gimmicks! It’s time to get the glute gains you crave through the right fitness regimen. Phatten that peach up by hitting the gym iron the right way. Put the work in, so that booty can show out! With some of the best all-natural buns on the gram, learn Jungle Jane’s glute game! Read up on Jane’s glute workout advice, her blunt booty myth-busters, how to stay motivated, and what workouts are her personal favorites. Download this quick, easy and informative read, so leg day is never the same again. See before and after pics of Jane, tons of exercise visuals, glute day musts from Janes very own personal trainer and a list of Phat Tips at the very end to add even more growth to that cake bake.

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